Baron Blakeslee Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers

Baron Blakeslee Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers For Specialty Solvents

Industrial cleaning requires unmatched precision and efficiency while maintaining a high level of safety. Whether you are in the aerospace, medical device, or electronics industry, obtaining the highest level of cleaning while minimizing emissions and waste is vital for success. To meet this high-standard, Baron Blakeslee offers American-Made Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers.

At Baron Blakeslee, we understand the wide-ranging needs of our customers and offer one-of-a-kind solutions that meet their specific cleaning requirements. Simply put, our Airless vacuum vapor degreasing technology has revolutionized the way organizations approach the cleaning process.

Specialty Solvents

Baron Blakeslee’s Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers are manufactured to deliver the highest level of cleaning by using specialty solvents. These solvents are customized to address the unique demands of a wide range of industries, applications, and customers.

For organizations in the medical device industry who use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning applications, Baron Blakeslee offers custom designed Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers designed and built to Class 1, Division 2 standards.

For customers considering the use of acetone or flammable organic solvents for halogen free or PFAS free cleaning processes, Baron Blakeslee Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers are the solution.

Our Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers are available in standard and custom sizes with a variety of process options including vapor degreasing, spray, ultrasonics, and rotation. They feature built in distillation for maximum efficiency of solvent use and minimization of waste streams.

Whether you need vapor degreasing, spray cleaning, ultrasonics, or rotation of your parts, we have you covered. No matter how complex your parts and components are, our technology guarantees thorough and consistent cleaning.

Efficiency & Sustainability

Baron Blakeslee’s Airless Vacuum Degreasers have built-in distillation systems that maximize the efficiency of solvent use and reduces waste streams. This unique feature allows for superior cleaning while reducing solvent consumption and minimizing the environmental footprint. 

Changing the Industry

Ultimately, Baron Blakeslee’s Airless Vacuum Degreasers combined with specialty solvents are changing the game in industrial cleaning. These cutting-edge machines offer unparalleled cleaning performance, high safety standards, and are environmentally friendly. From the medical device and aerospace industries to the electronics industry, we offer customized solutions that meet your unique set of demands and requirements.

Enhance your cleaning processes with our American-Made technology that is setting a new industry-standard.

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