Spirec Heat Exchangers

Baron Blakeslee is an Authorized Dealer of Spirec Heat Exchangers

Within the world of industrial technologies, strong partnerships can foster rapid innovation and lasting growth. With a commitment to the future and industry progress, Baron Blakeslee is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive North American distributor of Spirec heat exchangers.

About Baron Blakeslee

Baron Blakeslee is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of standard and custom, precision cleaning equipment. Our products are Solvent Vapor Degreasing Systems, Solvent Recovery Distillation Systems, and Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Delivering quality equipment and service since 1920, we remain the experts in industrial cleaning, and continue to provide equipment that is the standard for comparison in our industry.

About Spirec

For over four decades, Spirec has been an industry-leader and trusted name in the development of compact cylindrical-plate heat exchangers for the commercial and industrial market. Within North America, more than 25,000 units are in use and over 150,000 units in use worldwide. Spirec’s patented cylindrical-plate heat exchanger utilizes a dimpled plate technology that increases the heat transfer rate and reinforces the interior wall – creating a strong, more compact, and efficient unit.

Spirec’s standard line of prime surface cylindrical plate heat exchangers are all welded stainless steel and designed for liquid, gas, and vapor heat transfer. Normal liquid flows range from 0.1 gpm to 50 gpm and vapor-gas flows to 400 lbs/hr. In addition, we offer compact round extended-surface cylindrical plate units for up to 2,000 SCFM for low-pressure gas to liquid heat transfer applications. The standard line of prime surface cylindrical plate heat exchangers are available in seven stock sizes with heat transfer surface areas from 0.7 sq. ft. to 15 sq. ft.

Why Baron Blakeslee?

Baron Blakeslee has developed a strong reputation and proven track record for providing high quality precision cleaning equipment. As a result of our position as a North American industry-leader, Spirec SAS ( https://spirec.fr/en/) has named Baron Blakeslee as the exclusive North American distributor for their products following the retirement of Ed Kitlas.  Ed Kitlas formerly operated Spirec North America, which dissolved following his retirement.

Of course, many factors played a role in this selection which include:

  • Commitment to Quality
    Baron Blakeslee’s unwavering commitment to quality is time-tested and highlighted by our years in business. We follow and abide by the most rigorous standards and quality control processes to guarantee reliability and precision in every part and component we produce.
  • Technical Expertise
    Baron Blakeslee’s team of professionals have extensive experience in the intricacies of heat exchangers. As a result, our experts can provide customized solutions that cater to the exact needs of our customers.
  • Customer-Focused Approach
    Baron Blakeslee and Spirec are both committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. It is at the very foundation of everything we do. This ensures our customers receive unmatched support and service.
  • Variety of Product
    Baron Blakeslee’s existing product line is vast and provides a wide selection for our customers. Now, our extensive inventory includes Spirec heat exchangers. Their reputation for quality and performance is equal to our own.

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Customized Solutions

Although Baron Blakeslee is authorized to offer a wide range of pre-engineered Spirec heat exchangers, we can fabricate custom-designed heat transfer systems to your exact specifications. No matter how unique or complex, our team can design and build a system that meets the challenge with a one-of-the-kind solution.

Whether you are in power generation, HVAC or any other industry that relies on heat exchange solutions, you can rely on Baron Blakeslee as a leading North American provider of the proven Spirec Heat Exchangers. With quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction at the forefront, this partnership promises to empower businesses across North America with cutting-edge heat exchange solutions that drive progress and sustainability.

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