Cleaning Solutions for the Metals Recycling Industry

Cleaning Solutions for the Metals Recycling Industry

Efficiency and purity are crucial within the metal recycling sector. Within this competitive environment, Baron Blakeslee has established itself as a world-wide leader of industrial cleaning equipment. We understand the challenges these various industries face when dealing with high-value metal scrap chips and turnings. We offer a wide array of advanced cleaning solutions designed to enhance metal recycling processes.

Adaptable Cleaning for Various Metals

Baron Blakeslee specializes in providing cleaning equipment of high-value metals such as titanium, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, and high-nickel aerospace alloys. Our state-of-the-art technology and machinery ensure efficient cleaning of metal scrap chips and turnings resulting in high-quality recycled metal production.

Innovative Metal Cleaning

Baron Blakeslee’s Vibra Vapor Degreasers offer an innovative solution for recycling high-value metal scrap chips and turnings. These advanced degreasers guarantee the output material is free of organic contamination which significantly reduces the carbon content in remelt operations. This energy-efficient and waterless process produces consistent high-purity and high-value metal. To learn more about our Vibra Vapor Degreasers, click here!

High-Value Cleaning

Baron Blakeslee’s Drum Washers offer flexibility and power making them ideal for cleaning a wide range of high-value metal scrap chips and turnings. These machines are designed to handle a large array of metals and ensure a thorough cleaning for the recycling process. To learn more about our Drum Washers, click here!

Achieving the Highest Standards

Baron Blakeslee’s VAC Series Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreaser is ideal for cleaning precious metals such as beryllium, silver, gold, and zirconium. Within this environment, precision is non-negotiable. These degreasers are designed and engineered to offer the highest level of cleaning while keeping the lowest emissions technically possible. These machines are most ideal for batch cleaning of high-value metals where purity and lot integrity are a must. To learn more about our VAC Series Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers, click here!

Why Baron Blakeslee?

Baron Blakeslee’s state-of-the-art cleaning solutions help a wide range of industries with their metal recycling needs. Through our innovative technologies, we can maximize efficiency, ensure purity, and minimize the environmental impact of our cleaning processes. As industries throughout the world continue to embrace sustainable practices, we stand alone as an industry-leader providing cutting-edge solutions for the ever-evolving metal recycling industry.

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