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The Baron Blakeslee Nanostill solvent recycling distillation system is designed exclusively for use with small- to medium-sized vapor degreasers in cleaning applications involving light to moderate soil loading. This solvent recycling still is intended only for use with non-flammable, halogenated hydrocarbon vapor degreasing solvents with boiling points between 90??F and 168??F.

Made here in the USA with a number of unique components and cutting-edge operational technologies, the Nanostill distillation system is a smart choice for reclaiming non-flammable, halogenated hydrocarbon vapor degreasing solvents solvents across a wide variety of industrial applications.

Baron Blakeslee Nanostill Solvent Distillation System

Like all of Baron Blakeslee’s industrial cleaning equipment, the Nanostill distillation system is designed and built in our factory in Williamstown, WV.

This state-of-the-art solvent recovery still features the exceptional quality, performance, and support that Baron Blakeslee clients have come to expect from us over the last century.

For cleaning applications that require non-flammable, halogenated hydrocarbon vapor degreasing solvents, the Nanostill solvent distillation system maximizes production and minimizes operating costs???while reducing environmental impact, maintenance disruptions, and solvent waste!

How the Nanostill Compares to Other Solvent Recycling Systems

Unlike many other small solvent cleaning stills on the market, the Nanostill solvent cleaning system is designed specifically for use with a vapor degreasing system???which is why this solvent recovery still contains special features for optimum performance in that regard:

  • The Nanostill has a built-in gravity-style water separator, which may not be found in conventional small solvent recovery equipment designs.
  • Unlike many solvent stills, the Nanostill can be operated during vapor degreasing operations; the vapor degreaser does not need to be taken out of production to remove the accumulated process soils from the Nanostill.
  • The Nanostill provides higher production than conventional “batch” type solvent cleaning equipment, as it can transfer dirty solvent from the degreaser and return clean distilled solvent continuously, and without operator intervention.
  • The Nanostill’s color touch screen HMI includes process-setting screens that make it easy to switch between multiple solvents.
  • The Nanostill solvent recovery still features an automatic “cook down” cycle to concentrate process waste and minimize solvent disposal in maintenance operations.
  • Powered by a standard 120 VAC, single-phase, 20-amp GCFI outlet and mounted on castors, this solvent distillation system is mobile enough to service multiple smaller degreasers independently.
  • The Nanostill is electrically heated and refrigerant-cooled, requiring only electrical power to operate???no cooling water.

Please contact Baron-Blakeslee for more information and pricing on the Nanostill distillation system for solvent recycling.


  • Built-in Gravity-Style Water Separator
  • System Timer for Automatic Operation
  • PLC Control + Color Touchscreen HMI
  • Password-Protected System Settings
  • Mounted On Casters For Ease Of Mobility
  • PTFE-Lined Flexible Stainless Steel Hoses
  • 120 VAC, Single Phase 20-Amp GCFI Outlet Power
  • Programmable Automatic Start & Stop
  • Refrigerated Condensing System (R-134a)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction of All Wetted Surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve Drains
  • Four Side Tank Insulation + 304 Stainless Steel Skin
  • Self-Priming Diaphragm Transfer Pump
  • Gravity Type Internal Water Separator
  • Indirect Contact Electric Heater Mounted on Tank Bottom
  • Thermocouple for Temperature Monitoring + Boil Down Control
  • Sliding Tank Access Cover
  • Stainless Steel Flex Hoses for Connection to Vapor Degreaser
  • All Welding in Accordance with ASME Section IX for TIG Process
  • Tanks Sections Welded Inside + Out; All Welds Passivated
  • Solvent Vapor Control
  • High Temperature Control
  • Liquid Temperature Control
  • Low Level Control
  • User Selectable Control Settings for Multi-Solvent Capability
  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Extends Solvent Life
  • Minimizes Solvent Content in Waste Stream
  • Automates Operations to Save Labor & Maximize Production
  • Has a Mobile, Easy-Install Design, Convenient for Multiple Smaller Degreasers
  • Requires No Cooling Water, Only Electrical Power
  • Offers Unrestricted Tank Access for Easy Maintenance
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Facilitates Maintenance Without Shut-Off
  • Provides Cleaner Parts

The Baron Blakeslee Nanostill solvent recycling distillation system is crafted to the exceptional quality standards and precise technical specifications you’d expect from us, and it’s versatile enough to suit numerous small to medium sized vapor degreasers.?? The Nanostill is designed for use with various non-flammable, halogenated hydrocarbon vapor degreasing solvents. The unit is electrically heated and refrigerant cooled???eliminating the need for cooling water???and can be powered by a standard 120 VAC, 20-amp GCFI outlet.??

The bottom line: The Nanostill solvent distillation system is easy to install, easier to use, and can be tailored to suit your specific application. It automates operations, maximizes production, and minimizes solvent waste to give you the highest value from your solvent reclamation process.

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