• Small Footprint (21" high)
  • Operates On 120 VAC, Single Phase
  • Refrigerated Cooling Coils
  • Low Emission Design to Conserve Solvent
  • Stainless Steel Basket Included
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Offset Boil Tank to Prevent Dipping Parts in Dirty Solvent
  • Digital Boil Tank Temperature Display
  • Sliding Cover (Available Powered Cover)
  • Increased Capacity Water Separator
  • Recirculating Filtration System
  • Single (LK 612) or Dual (LK 612-3) Immersion Models
  • Available Optional Side Mounted Ultrasonics
  • Available Manual Spray Wand
  • Available Material Handling
  • Individual Tank Drains
  • Low Solvent Level Safety Control
  • High Vapor Level Safety Control

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