⦁ 100% Freeboard Ratio, 125%On Selected Models
⦁ Refrigerated Primary Condensing Coils
⦁ Vapor Trap™ Sub-Zero Refrigerated Secondary Coils
⦁ Hot Gas Bypass For Primary Refrigeration
⦁ Stainless Steel Construction
⦁ Stainless Steel Condensing Coils
⦁ Fully Insulated Tanks
⦁ Liquid Immersion (Mlr And Msr Models Only)
⦁ Ultrasonic Cavitation System (Msr Models Only)
⦁ Sliding Stainless Steel Cover
⦁ Water Separator
⦁ Filtration And Recirculation System (Mlr And Msr Models Only)
⦁ Solvent Vapor Control
⦁ High Temperature Control
⦁ Digital Liquid Temperature Control
⦁ Low Level Control
⦁ Vapor Up Control
⦁ Foot Switch Operated Spray Lance

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