⦁ 100% Freeboard Ratio
⦁ Water Cooled Primary Condensing Coils
⦁ Vapor Trap™ Sub-Zero Refrigerated Freeboard Coils
⦁ Stainless Steel Finned Coils
⦁ Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Tank Construction
⦁ Fully Insulated Tanks
⦁ Brushed Stainless Steel Insulation Panels
⦁ Water Separator with Secondary Water Cooling Coil
⦁ Easy Open Clean Out Door
⦁ Electric Low Watt Density Immersion Heaters
⦁ Solvent Vapor Control
⦁ High Temperature Control
⦁ Liquid Temperature Control
⦁ Low Level Control
⦁ Vapor Up Control
⦁ Manual Spray Wand

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